April 10, 2024

Some Reasons Why Slow Rolling In Poker Is A Problem

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Slow Rolling In Poker

Some Reasons Why Slow Rolling In Poker Is A Problem – Poker passes are something that every player around the world should adhere to. It probably won’t be written down anywhere but there will be an accepted code among the players that dictates how to show basic respect and sportsmanship towards each other. Slow rolling in is also a violation that really makes players back off, especially if done on purpose.

What is Slow Rolling?

In poker, slow rolling is when a player deliberately takes a long time to reveal his winnings during a showdown. It seemed like they were deliberately stalling for time just to meet their opponent’s head on. For example, when you are sitting at the table, your heart will be racing, waiting to see if your card is the winner.

The other players know they’ve got their thing, but instead of immediately showing their cards to keep the game going, they decide to put on a show. They will certainly make you wait, building tension and playing with your emotions.

Slow scrolling is considered very rude, intended to laugh at opponents and show off. This was like rubbing salt on the wound, gloating over the fact that they were the ones who won. Of course, this is not the most friendly behavior and can cause tension at the poker table.

However, it is important to differentiate slow rolling from taking time to think while playing. Poker requires strategy. But intentionally revealing cards after all bets have been placed is one of those things that crosses the line into slow rolling territory in the game.

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What Are Some Reasons Why Slow Rolling In Poker Is A Problem?

Slow Rolling in Online Poker

The dynamics of slow rolling can be a little different. If you are in a situation where you already have the best hand or something very close to it on the river, taking more than a few seconds to make a move could be considered a slow move. Many players who play online poker are multi-tabling and not fully focused on every card.

Slow rolling tends not to elicit the same strong reaction that you’d experience first-hand. People may not pay much attention or care. In fact, most of the slow rolling online is accidental. This often happens due to slow internet, players playing at multiple tables, or being distracted by something going on around them.

Slow Rolling in Online Poker

Why You Shouldn’t Do Slow Rolling?

Lack of Sportsmanship

Slow rolling goes against the spirit of fair play. It’s like pouring salt on a loser’s wound and showing off when you know you have the winning hand. Yes, poker is a competitive game, but it is also about respect and treating opponents fairly.


Some players who enjoy slow rolling poker might argue that the official poker rules do not explicitly prohibit it. And technically, they wouldn’t be wrong. The rules don’t state a specific time limit for revealing your cards during a game. So even though you won’t be facing any kind of official punishment right away.

You will probably meet poker room managers who are not very pleased with this behavior. Even without rules, they have the authority to impose punishments if they believe you are causing a nuisance and could be sidelined or even expelled.

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